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Green Remediation

The process of cleaning up a hazardous waste site uses energy, water, and other materials and resources. “Green Remediation” considers all environmental effects of the remediation, and is an effort to conserve natural resources, minimize waste generation, and reduce energy consumption, consequently maximizing the net environmental benefit of cleanup activities.

Considerations include:

  • Energy requirements for proposed remedy
  • Reduction of impacts on surrounding areas
  • The possibility of using clean or renewable energy to power site operations
  • Methods for increasing energy efficiency
  • Advanced diesel technologies (such as diesel particulate filters and alternative fuels)
  • Operational practices (such as engine idle reduction practices) to minimize total emissions
  • Reuse of treated water
  • Identification of onsite or offsite uses of waste materials

If you are interested in green remediation, let us know. FEA can explore the possibilities of incorporating green remediation techniques into your environmental project.