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Licensed Site Remediation Professionals

FEA has multiple Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs) on staff to ensure we can respond quickly and provide personalized service to assist clients with any type of issue or concern. 

Our LSRPs have extensive experience in the environmental field and are very familiar with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regulations and technical guidance. 

From small commercial operations and neighborhood gas stations to huge industrial properties and large-scale brownfield redevelopment projects, we have successfully dealt with all types of situations.

FEA’s LSRPs were among the first professionals to become licensed following inception of the LSRP program in 2009. 

Since that time we have regularly attended professional training courses and regulatory briefing meetings to ensure we are cognizant of the latest technologies, most efficient practices, and current regulatory requirements and protocols. 

We will use our vast experience and technical knowledge to guide you to the most efficient, cost effective, and practical solution for your specific issue.

We routinely provide expert LSRP services in support of the following activities:

  • Preliminary Assessments, Site Investigations, Remedial Investigations, Remedial Actions
  • Response Action Outcomes (RAOs)
  • Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA)
  • NJDEP Compliance
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure
  • Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Mitigation
  • Child Care Center Licensing
  • Dry Cleaners Investigation and Remediation
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Classification Exception Areas (CEAs)
  • Deed Notices
  • Remedial Action Permits
  • Biennial Protectiveness Certifications
  • Historically Applied Pesticides (HAP) Assessments
  • Historic Fill/Capping
  • Ground Water Sampling/Monitoring
  • Remedial Action Work Plans
  • Immediate Environmental Concerns (IECs)
  • Receptor Evaluations
  • Public Notification and Outreach
  • Environmental Litigation
  • Remedial Cost Estimates

Need a Second Opinion?

We are happy to review your project and provide a second opinion with no cost or obligation.

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