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Remediation Services

There are many approaches to remediation, and every case is different. FEA has the ability to deliver proactive, cost-effective remedial solutions, customized to your situation. We can provide the remedial services that you need, while making sure proper procedures are followed and all the necessary documentation is prepared.

Our expertise in remediation services includes:

  • Deed Notices
    A Deed Notice is required when contamination remains at a site following completion of a remedial action.
  • Classification Exception Areas (CEAs)
    CEAs are institutional controls in geographically defined areas within which the New Jersey Ground Water Quality Standards (GWQS) for specific contaminants have been exceeded.
  • Capping/Engineering Controls
    A cap or other engineering controls can be used to address contamination by preventing receptors from coming into contact with the impacted media.
  • Excavation
    The benefits of excavation include easy implementation and proven reliability.
  • UST Removal and Closure
    FEA offers UST services ranging from tank investigation to removal and closure. 
  • Remedial Design
    Remedial Design includes preparing technical specifications and drawings for proposed remedial actions.
  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)
    The ISCO process involves the introduction of a chemical oxidant into the subsurface for the purpose of transforming groundwater or soil contaminants into less harmful end products.
  • Phytoremediation
    This green process utilizes plants and their associated microorganisms to stabilize or reduce contamination in soils, sludges, sediments, surface water, or ground water.
  • Soil Blending
    In certain situations, soil impacted with pesticide contamination may be blended with on-site soil that is not impacted to achieve contaminant concentrations which are below regulatory standards.